OS-X PackagingΒΆ

Pre-built Tahoe-LAFS ”.pkg” installers for OS-X are generated with each source-code commit. These installers offer an easy way to get Tahoe and all its dependencies installed on your Mac. They do not yet provide a double-clickable application: after installation, you will have a “tahoe” command-line tool, which you can use from a shell (a Terminal window) just as if you’d installed from source.

Installers are available from this directory:

Download the latest .pkg file to your computer and double-click on it. This will install to /Applications/tahoe.app, however the app icon there is not how you use Tahoe (launching it will get you a dialog box with a reminder to use Terminal). /Applications/tahoe.app/bin/tahoe is the executable. The next shell you start ought to have that directory in your $PATH (thanks to a file in /etc/paths.d/), unless your .profile overrides it.

Tahoe-LAFS is also easy to install with pip, as described in the README.