Old Configuration Files

Tahoe-LAFS releases before v1.3.0 had no tahoe.cfg file, and used distinct files for each item listed below. If Tahoe-LAFS v1.9.0 or above detects the old configuration files at start up it emits a warning and aborts the start up. (This was issue ticket #1385.)

Config setting File Comment
[node]nickname BASEDIR/nickname  
[node]web.port BASEDIR/webport  
[node]tub.port BASEDIR/client.port (for Clients, not Introducers)
[node]tub.port BASEDIR/introducer.port (for Introducers, not Clients) (note that, unlike other keys, tahoe.cfg overrode this file from Tahoe-LAFS v1.3.0 up to and including Tahoe-LAFS v1.8.2)
[node]tub.location BASEDIR/advertised_ip_addresses  
[node]log_gatherer.furl BASEDIR/log_gatherer.furl (one per line)
[node]timeout.keepalive BASEDIR/keepalive_timeout  
[node]timeout.disconnect BASEDIR/disconnect_timeout BASEDIR/introducer.furl BASEDIR/private/introducers.yaml
[client]helper.furl BASEDIR/helper.furl  
[client]key_generator.furl BASEDIR/key_generator.furl BASEDIR/stats_gatherer.furl Stats gatherer has been removed.
[storage]enabled BASEDIR/no_storage (False if no_storage exists)
[storage]readonly BASEDIR/readonly_storage (True if readonly_storage exists)
[storage]sizelimit BASEDIR/sizelimit  
[storage]debug_discard BASEDIR/debug_discard_storage  
[helper]enabled BASEDIR/run_helper (True if run_helper exists)

Note: the functionality of [node]ssh.port and [node]ssh.authorized_keys_file were previously (before Tahoe-LAFS v1.3.0) combined, controlled by the presence of a BASEDIR/authorized_keys.SSHPORT file, in which the suffix of the filename indicated which port the ssh server should listen on, and the contents of the file provided the ssh public keys to accept. Support for these files has been removed completely. To ssh into your Tahoe-LAFS node, add [node]ssh.port and [node].ssh_authorized_keys_file statements to your tahoe.cfg.

Likewise, the functionality of [node]tub.location is a variant of the now (since Tahoe-LAFS v1.3.0) unsupported BASEDIR/advertised_ip_addresses . The old file was additive (the addresses specified in advertised_ip_addresses were used in addition to any that were automatically discovered), whereas the new tahoe.cfg directive is not (tub.location is used verbatim).

The stats gatherer has been broken at least since Tahoe-LAFS v1.13.0. The (broken) functionality of [client]stats_gatherer.furl (which was previously in BASEDIR/stats_gatherer.furl), is scheduled to be completely removed after Tahoe-LAFS v1.15.0. After that point, if your configuration contains a [client]stats_gatherer.furl, your node will refuse to start.